Getting into shape for an endurance race like the Ironman takes steady training to prepare your mind and body for the ultimate endurance test you’ll face on race day.  Running, cycling and swimming.  Running, cycling and swimming.  You must get your body in physical shape before you can process the finer points of preparation as explained by Gordo Byrn, the author of Going Long who teaches athletes to work on body pacing, nutrition digestion and sustained periods of exercise.  


No matter where you place in the competition, as long as you never give up you’re a winner.  The long slug toward the finish line is a performance piece with an audience of one.  No matter how many others crowd the field, it’s the harmonious symphony played between body and soul that creates the score to your dramatic movie.  If a cinematographer were to shoot your race, the opening scene might show you as you splash into water, which splashes in slo-mo, then cut to 6-months earlier when the training began in earnest.  It would show determination bearing down on you, muscles starting to ripple through you, and hour after grueling hour of bike riding, hours more swimming and training here and there, up hills and down across meadows.  Or, it could show a more realistic image of a guy on his bike getting it in during spin class.  Research has shown that indoor cycling is as beneficial as riding outside to get to peak performance.   Of course, your overall condition plays a huge part in your readiness and if part of your training takes during winter, riding indoors is an option that can pay off big time.  You can even use a Groupon for Kohl’s and buy workout gear and equipment that will augment your training when you can’t get outside because of inclement weather.  Kohl’s might not be the first place you’d look for workout gear and equipment, but they offer discounts through Groupon that make their offerings attractive to budget conscious athletes who watch their spending as closely as they track their progress in the field. If this is the year you’re finally going to go for the complete 140.6, take a look at what Kohl’s has to offer.  And get the pedal to the metal.

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