Human growth hormone sometimes called just HGH is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth cell reproduction and regeneration in humans. It’s produced in the pituitary gland and it’s regulated by your hypothalamus and it serves a primary role in the development during childhood and adolescence. We all get excited about the promises of HGH and other anti-aging products and methods and sometimes also totally confused by the amount of information online; so how do you pick a good HGH product and not get scammed?

HGH Scams

One way to increase HGH levels in the body is to use HGH products but unfortunately, most of the HGH products are scams and do not work.

Scams and Marketing Tactics

  1. Review Sites

One way that many companies use is creating search engines and websites to receive customers and by constructing bogus comparison charts that imply a fair comparison among anti-aging and growth hormone products but that actually places self-serving product recommendations at the top of the list. You never know that a person who charts out such comparison charts are actually the owners of the companies. Often times several counterfeit ingredients are used in forming the products that are marketed something like herbal HGH or herbal growth enhancers and so on.

  1. Nanograms

Some companies claim their product contains an average of 1500 to 2000 milligrams mg of real HGH. A nanogram equals 1 billionth of a gram so 100,000 nanograms would be a whole lot of nothing. Note, most products especially oral sprays claim only a few thousand nanograms or a little bit of nothing. Now any product that says it contains real HGH is a guaranteed scam; to top it if they are backing it up by saying it contains so many nanograms they probably aren’t even knowing what they are doing or gambling on the fact that most consumers have no clue what the nanos are. Actually, a good research is needed to find out which HGH releasers or enhancers actually work.

  1. Homeopathic HGH

Homeopathic HGH product is actually not an effective way to naturally get HGH benefits; due to the popularity of homeopathy, this has been used as a marketing tactic by a lot of companies who claim that their HGH products are homeopathic-like. Many marketers of homeopathic HGH products also throw in some dosage of other ingredients which are usually those that can be found in vitamin supplements. The fact is according to homeopathic medical theory; taking homeopathic HGH would be a remedy for too much HGH in your body system the way vaccines work. It is pretty silly how these companies market their products.

  1. Oral Sprays

HGH oral sprays are almost guaranteed scams you should know that there is no scientific proof that these sprays work. Growth hormone according to studies does not have the capability of passing through the membranes of the mouth.

  1. HGH Injections

HGH injections have got some serious side effects with them as you know they are synthetic substances and are also a lot expensive. Most fitness experts that are not anti-aging doctors think spending thousands for injecting synthetic substances in the body doesn’t seem worthwhile especially so if you can get the same effects by using natural foods and supplements. There are many quacks and so-called anti-aging experts who have jumped in to make a fast buck off people desperately trying to reverse their age. Click here.

What Companies and Products can you Trust?

From all indications, not all the companies can be trusted especially if they are running a business online. In the meantime though, there are some companies that are delivering genuine verified quality HGH products with a proven track record and many people have got dramatic results using their products and they have got an excellent customer support as well you can take this as a recommendation and check them out if you wish.

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